57.8% ABV

Strongest beer in the world sells out in a day

 News        09/18/2020

Two breweries that competed in a decade-long rivalry to create increasingly strong beers said they have now worked together and created the world’s strongest beer.

The 57.8% ABV beer sold out in less than a day.

James Watt, CEO of the Scottish brewer BrewDog, said the company worked with German brewer Schorschbräu to create the beer, named Strength in Numbers.

The two breweries went back-and-forth for record beer strengths several times over years, creating beers at 32% ABV and increasing up to 55%.

“After a decade, we’re going to Germany to collaborate with Schorschbräu to see if we can up the ante together once again,” Watt said in a video.

The Scots’ contribution to the project was a barrel of their 26% ABV beer Death or Glory, which they aged in a Scotch whisky cask for 10 years. They sent it to Schorschbräu in Germany, but then coronavirus travel restrictions prevented them from traveling along with it. So they worked with the German brewers over Zoom.

The beer was released in the U.K. Thursday priced at 29 British pounds per bottle – about $37.50 – and sold out the same day.

“This sold out pretty fast”

“This sold out pretty fast,” Watt wrote on Twitter.

However, there is another brewery that claims to have created the world’s strongest beer. Brewmeister, another Scottish brewer, has its Snake Venom which is 67.5% ABV. The drink is so strong that it’s not even carbonated. But some in the brewing community argue that Snake Venom is not technically "beer" because the company adds ethyl alcohol to it as part of its unusual brewing process, Beer Connoisseur reported.

The hyper-strong beers are created through a process called “fractional freezing” which is used to create Eisbock beers, according to the report. The beer is chilled to a temperature that freezes the water but not the alcohol.


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