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Corona's video ads put beauty spots 'at risk'

 News        09/21/2020

Beer brand Corona has come under for an advert showing staycationers enjoying 'lager, 4x4s and wild arson' in a rural area of Scotland where locals say they have been besieged by tourists.

The Mexican Pilsner - owned by beer giant AB InBev - has released two new ads much to the horror of locals in the Outer Hebrides.

Tapping into the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 travel restrictions, Corona's videos show groups of hip-looking youngsters holidaying at destinations closer to home.

But irate locals say Corona has chosen beauty spots that have already been beset by an influx of wild campers pitching up in back gardens, leaving a trail of trash, faeces and illegal barbecues in their wake.

The advert follows a group of millennial pals from London on a 1,000 mile trip to 'discover the little-known paradise' of Scotland's western isles, the Outer Hebrides.

Locals were aghast to see the actors tearing up sand by driving a car on a pristine white stretch of sand, before clinking beers over a fire on the beach.

They fear the advert will inspire more covidiots to travel to the Highlands and surrounding areas, fearing more dumped tents, wild fires and obnoxious behaviour will follow.  

MSP Highlands councillor Ron MacWilliam slammed the advert, saying: 'This beer promo is absolutely the kind of selfish marketing that is fuelling widespread chaos and vandalism in Highland communities and beauty spots.

'On one hand, the video portrays well our majestic scenery, the outdoor leisure options, and rightly presents a Highland holiday as an alternative for a young demographic more acquainted with foreign travel.


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