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Budweiser gives money for beer to people who get the COVID-19 vaccine

 News        04/17/2021

Gifts for getting the COVID-19 vaccine are piling up! Budweiser joins others like Sam Adams and Krispy Kreme basically treating you like it’s your birthday if you get the vaccine. The brand donates beer money to people who get vaccinated to cover their first round of returning to bars. Who doesn’t love free drinks?

We can't wait to see our buds.

Budweiser announced the stimulus in an ad featuring his cult Clydesdales and puppy. "We can't wait to see our buds," the company said in the ad: "But when we do, we do it for sure."

What should I do? All you have to do is upload proof of vaccination (a selfie with a sticker, a photo of the patch or your picture at the vaccination site) via They will now send a $ 5 virtual debit card to the vaccinated people by May 16, or while supplies last, to cover Budweiser’s expenses. 10,000 virtual debit cards are available.
If you are not a member of My Cooler Rewards, you will need to apply to apply. Also, of course, you must be 21 years of age or older to be able to participate.


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