AI resurrects legendary Spanish singer to advertise beer

 News        01/24/2021

The celebrated Spanish singer Lola Flores died in 1995, but a brewery is using AI to bring her back to life.

The Cruzcampo brewery has launched its new campaign With a lot of accent , which features a video modified with artificial intelligence ( deepfake ) of Lola Flores as the protagonist to vindicate diversity. “Do you know why I was understood all over the world? Because of the accent. And I don't just mean the way of speaking ... ”. Through artificial intelligence techniques, Cruzcampo has made it possible for the folkloric, who died in 1995, to return to television and networks. The video has gone viral within hours of seeing the light.


The company recreated her voice, face, and features using hours of audiovisual material, more than 5,000 photos, and a painstaking composition and post-production process, according to El País.

The video below (in Spanish) gives more details on how it was made:


A deepfake is a type of hoax, a video of a person doing something they have never done or even never said. There are several types of mediafakes , a deepkafe being the most sophisticated of all: a computational model based on deep learning technology (artificial intelligence) whose images have been mathematically generated via algorithms from photos and videos of the person you want to recreate .

The ad was released shortly after a report named deepfakes the most concerning use of AI for crime and terrorism. But the campaign shows the tech can also turn the dead into effective booze peddlers.



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