AI Generated Poem

AI Really Likes Beer, ChatGPT Has Dedicated a Song to It

 Beer Fun        12/04/2022

It's clear that artificial intelligence, like us humans, really likes beer. We tested the capabilities of ChatGPT, a machine learning model trained to generate text in natural language. It uses a deep learning technique where a model is trained on a large dataset of text and then fine-tuned on a smaller dataset for a specific task.
We gave it the task to write a poem about beer.

Task: Write a poem about beer

Golden and frothy, a sight to behold
A pint of beer, my story to be told
With every sip, my worries fade away
In the company of friends, I'll surely stay

From the brewery, to the bar,
I'll travel near and far
To find the perfect brew, for me
A crisp lager, or a hoppy IPA

With a beer in hand, I'll sit and think
Of all the joy, it does bring
The aroma of hops, the taste of malt
This is my drink, my heart's default

Dark or light, bitter or sweet
I'll try them all, can't be beat
With friends by my side, we'll cheers
To the love of beer, it's always here

So here's to beer, my one true friend
With every sip, my love will never end
I'll raise my glass, and make a toast
To the brew that I love the most.

With every beer, I'll make a toast
To the memories that I'll boast
For beer and friends, will always be
A part of my life, eternally.


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